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4.04.19 Upcoming Events: PWA, Gretchen Whitmer, and More!

April Events Calendar

Sunday, April 14

Gazelle Girl 5K with Governor Whitmer

Join PWA and Run/Walk with Governor Whitmer. Register here. We will announce a meet up time and location in advance of the event!

SAVE THE DATE - Wednesday, May 1

PWA Event

Criminal Justice Reform with Speakers Heather Garretson, ACLU Smart Justice Campaign Coordinator, and Richard H. Griffin, ACLU Smart Justice Field Organizer.

Details coming soon!

And join PWA for these other community events:

Friday, April 12

Join Hauenstein Center Director Gleaves Whitney, alongside Brad Birzer and Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, at this special gathering in search of deeper common ground.

Tuesday, April 30

Lilia Cortina Ph.D.: #MeToo: From a Moment to a Movement

This talk will highlight findings on gender harassment: conduct that disparages employees based on gender but implies no sexual advance. We will hear evidence on the ubiquity of gender harassment, the environments where it tends to crop up, and the employees who engage in it. To move the needle on this problem, and ensure that the #MeToo is truly a movement and not a moment, academic institutions must look beyond rules and regulations that police sex, and pay more attention to gender. No registration is required for this event!

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