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3.05.19 RECAP - What Comes Next: 10 Tips for Effective Advocacy

MI State Rep Jon Hoadley, PWA, 10 Tips for Effective Advocacy

On February 20, 2019 Progressive Women's Alliance hosted over 60 people at the YWCA in Grand Rapids to hear from State Representative Jon Hoadley, a third term legislator from Kalamazoo. After a rousing introduction by our special guest, State Senator Winnie Brinks, Rep. Hoadley presented "What Comes Next: 10 Tips for Effective Advocacy" giving an overview about life in Lansing, a preview of upcoming legislative issues, and advice how to more effectively lobby​ legislators and advocate for important causes.

PWA members and guests were able to ask questions and learn strategies to ensure

that their voices are heard in Lansing. We are so grateful for Rep. Hoadley's time and insights as well as his generosity in sharing the slides from his presentation.

Thanks again to Representative Hoadley and Senator Brinks for joining us and for working hard to make Michigan a more progressive and inclusive state!

DOWNLOAD or VIEW PDF - "10 Tips For Effective Advocacy - Representative Jon Hoadley"

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