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The Progressive Women’s Alliance influences public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of progressive values.



Communities are better – more equitable, just, inclusive, and economically viable – when progressive voices are at the table and progressive values are represented in government, policy, and law. In this way, we raise up all members of our community.


Our progressive vision is a society that…


  • Is just and socially responsible;

  • Is represented by an efficient and effective government which enables people and communities to achieve success, balances the power of the private sector, and assures a reasonable standard of living for all, consistent with human dignity;

  • Respects individual freedom and an ethic of mutual responsibility;

  • Embraces the democratic values of freedom of association and freedom of speech;

  • Is committed to the rights of bodily autonomy and reproductive justice;

  • Maintains the legal separation of church and state, and celebrates cultural and religious differences;

  • Is motivated by the principle of equity that ensures meaningful opportunities for individuals to realize their potential;

  • Understands that a high quality public educational system is essential to a well-functioning democracy;

  • Energizes inclusive grass roots involvement in the political process; and

  • Values diversity as a source of resilient communities.

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