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6.14.17 Under Attack: Women, Choice, & the Law

Please join us for a panel addressing the personal cost to women exercising their constitutional right to choose, from before the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision through the current escalating effort to undermine women’s rights.

Up-to-the-minute legislation and challenges will be addressed.

Gayla Jewell, PhD, NP

"Running Scared," 1970s Pre-Roe West Virginia: Gayla tells the story about women risking their futures to save the life of a friend.

Elizabeth Bryker, Attorney

"Hiding in Plain Sight," 2013 Wichita, Kansas: Betsi describes her life-changing internship at one of the most high-profile clinics in the country.

Libby McGaughey, Vice President of Advocacy and Community Education, Planned Parenthood of Michigan and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

"Seeking Solutions," 2017 Political environment: Libby explains how women's choices are still at risk and the work that needs to be done.

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