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​As progressives, we believe that a robust democratic society committed to advancing freedom, equality, and justice is the result of the combined efforts of individuals, the government, and public and private sector organizations. We know that when thoughtful individuals look beyond narrow self-interest and work together, they can develop effective public remedies to societal challenges. And we believe that protecting and promoting human freedom and flourishing requires innovative solutions that come from both public and private sector entities.


We are committed to individual freedom and to an ethic of mutual responsibility, and we support continued and enhanced constitutional protections for individual choices as well as ongoing social and political promotion of the public good. We oppose efforts to privatize our shared responsibilities and believe in the ability of government to advance the civil rights and well-being of all. We value a society that is diverse and inclusive, that protects and promotes individual autonomy, and that provides the systems necessary for all individuals to have the opportunity to realize their potential.  

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