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What’s a PAC?

In order to realize our mission of promoting progressive candidates and advocating for a progressive political agenda, the Progressive Women's Alliance is organized under Michigan law as a nonpartisan "Independent Committee" and under federal law as a nonpartisan "Non-Connected Political Committee." 

These forms of political action committees (PACs) allow our organization to solicit unlimited donations from individuals and to use those funds to influence campaigns for public office. Additionally, they allow us to make donations to oppose or support ballot proposals. Although the amounts we can donate are limited by state and federal laws, as an organization we are allowed to make much larger contributions than we could as individuals, and, as a result, have greater impact on elections and public policy. 

We are not allowed to accept contributions from corporations, joint stock companies, labor unions or unincorporated membership organizations. Donations to our organization are not tax-deductible and, like all similarly organized PACs, we must comply with state and federal election requirements for reporting expenses and

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