The mission of the Progressive Women's Alliance is to influence public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of a progressive agenda.

What We Believe
  • A democratic government empowers its citizens.
  • A conscientious society assures a reasonable and dignified standard of living for all.
  • An effective government balances the power of the private sector.
  • A pluralistic society maintains the separation of church and state and tolerates differences.
  • A just nation is motivated by meaningful and equal opportunity for all.
  • The most reliable safeguards against aggressive state behavior are the strengthening of international law and international organizations.
  • A high quality public education system develops the potential of each individual.
  • An inclusive and diverse society supports affirmative action.
  • A responsible government upholds the constitutional rights of all its citizens, including the right to privacy in making reproductive health choices.
  • A progressive society enacts policy and makes business decisions that protect the environment and people of our planet.