The mission of the Progressive Women's Alliance is to influence public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of a progressive agenda.

Walk the talk. Get involved. Join a Committee

The real work of PWA is done by committee. If you want to put your energy into action, we have a place for you. 

Candidate Recruitment & Endorsement: Be a part of this committee to help find qualified progressive candidates to run for office in West Michigan and to ensure that PWA is endorsing the right progressive candidates, mileages and issue initiatives for support.

Communications: This committee works to ensure timely communication within the group but also to the membership and the community as a whole. Enjoy writing or editing? This is the committee for you. Help spread PWA's progressive message via social media, press releases, our website and newsletter. 

Education & Advocacy: This group encourages progressive thought in our community. Members of this committee work on meaningful programming to not only the membership but the greater West Michigan community. 

Engagement & Membership: PWA members involved in this group will have the chance to keep members up-to-date and work to make sure that PWA stays responsive to the members needs. 

Email: with how you want to be involved.