The mission of the Progressive Women's Alliance is to influence public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of a progressive agenda.

Are You a Candidate Seeking our Endorsement?

We endorse regional, state and national candidates and causes. To be considered, you should be aware of and aligned with the progressive agenda on a wide range of issues including freedom of speech, the right to privacy, separation of church and state, tolerance of cultural and religious differences, affirmative action, the preservation of high quality public education and the peaceful resolution of international conflict. See our PWA’s Values and Policy Statement for more information about what we believe.

Here’s how to be considered for endorsement…

  1. Read our Values and Policy Statement.
    If you think your politics are aligned with ours, then…
  2. We’ll review your request and make our decision.

    Our leadership reviews all requests for endorsement to ensure candidates or issues are aligned with our mission and to assess the viability of their campaigns. Candidates and causes that meet our criteria are recommended for endorsement. Once we've completed our review, we'll notify candidates and campaigns of our endorsement decisions. If you have any questions, contact a member of the PWA steering committee.