The mission of the Progressive Women's Alliance is to influence public policy through the election of candidates and the advocacy of a progressive agenda.


Over a decade ago, a group of women in West Michigan, who were interested in politics and distressed by the lack of progressive policies both nationally and state-wide, met to talk about what they could do to challenge the status quo. From this initial meeting, the Progressive Women’s Alliance of West Michigan (PWA) was born. PWA is a Political Action Committee (PAC) formed to promote, support, and fund progressive candidates and causes throughout the nation but primarily in Michigan. PWA fights for candidates and policies that honor the dignity and worth of every individual. In the past ten years, PWA has raised and contributed over $562,000 to PWA-endorsed candidates and initiatives.

In the face of the apparent victory of bigotry and misogyny at the top of the ballot in 2016, our participation is more relevant than ever and PWA intends to challenge this cultural intolerance with renewed passion and energy. As President Obama has reminded us: after an election, we "lick our wounds, we dust ourselves off, we get back in the arena, we go at it and we try even harder next time."

To address challenging times for progressives
, PWA's focus on fund raising continues to be front and center.

We cannot make an impact without your help. We have over a decade of success behind us, but we need to do more: work more, give more, demand more. Now is the time to redouble our efforts! We must continue to be a strong voice for change and for equity and justice in our country. We hope you rally with us as we go forward.

PWA has the main chapter in Grand Rapids as well as the Lakeshore (Holland to Muskegon). We welcomed a Kalamazoo chapter in March 2016!